“The Business of Boxing: Part One” Directed by Rob Maloof

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"The Business of Boxing" is a documentary film directed by Rob Maloof.

Director Rob Maloof's film is a powerful display of cinematography and captures the sport of boxing at a level that HBO should be envious of. The images of the boxers training are stunning and the story of each of these young men is powerful. You can literally feel their energy and love for the sport.

  • Film Name: "The Business of Boxing: Part One" 
  • Director: Rob Maloof
  • Assistant Editor: Jared Lenox
  • Runtime: 10 Minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, November 11th, 2017
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  • Tagline: "A sports documentary short on the business of boxing: what amateurs and early professionals can expect when starting a career in boxing."
"The Business of Boxing" Directed by Rob Maloof

"amateur experiences, turning “pro”, and what makes a fighter marketable."

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"The Business of Boxing" Directed by Rob Maloof

This ongoing project has developing stories concerning the laser-focus determination of fighters, in the face of constant assaults on the mind and body. This film follows the progress of two professional fighters (Kevin Cobbs & David Benavidez) and one amateur fighter (Shane Jordan). The fighters, their trainers, promoters, and industry experts comment on: amateur experiences, turning “pro”, and what makes a fighter marketable. At the time of filming, Cobbs and Benavidez were scheduled to fight at a nationally televised event in Los Angeles.

"The Business of Boxing" Director Rob Maloof

Director Rob Maloof has been active in the creative industry since 2005, when he worked primarily as an audio engineer. His career in audio included producing & recording local bands, as well as developing skills in electronics bench work & acoustics testing/design. Always a long-time fan of photography, an afternoon camera lesson from a childhood friend was the start of his evolution into visual arts. The next logical progression from the audio/photo workflow was motion picture, and has become the focus of his practice at Gauntlet Films.

"The Business of Boxing" Director Rob Maloof
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