“Ghosts of our Forest” Directed by Daniel Roher

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"Ghosts of Our Forest" is a documentary film directed by Daniel Roher.

Daniel Roher's "Ghosts of Our Forest" introduces the viewer to the musical and culturally rich, Batwa tribe. This documentary touched and inspired our judges.

  • Film Name: "Ghosts of Our Forest" 
  • Director: Daniel Roher
  • Director of Photography: Marianna Margaret
  • Composer: Richard Jay
  • Runtime: 65 Minutes
  • Screening: Saturday, November 11th, 2017
  • Website | Facebook | Instagram
  • Tagline: "After an indigenous Ugandan tribe is violently removed from its forest home, the survivors are left to reconcile with the ghosts of their ancestors as they struggle to maintain their cultural identity."

Oregon Documentary Film Festival Judges Review

Review: "A touching story about an African tribe that lost their home overnight and how they are trying to survive in today's world. You really feel for the children in this story and wonder how what their lives will be like in the future. The film features vivid images, great music and a story by Daniel Roher that unfolds in an hour, but feels like fifteen minutes."

"Ghosts of Our Forest" Directed by Daniel Roher
"Ghosts of Our Forest" Director Daniel Roher

"the indigenous Batwa tribe was forcefully removed from their ancestral home by the Ugandan government."

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"Ghosts of Our Forest" Directed by Daniel Roher

Ghosts of Our Forest: Synopsis

In 1992, as pressure from international conservation groups to protect the great forests of Uganda mounted and the indigenous Batwa tribe was forcefully removed from their ancestral home by the Ugandan government. One of the most ecologically diverse places on earth, the Bwindi impenetrable forest nurtured the Batwa, and in turn the tribe worshiped all that it gave them. Upon eviction, however, the Batwa received nothing in the way of compensation or support, and so fell into poverty.

Nearly 25 years later ...

A young Batwa named Gad Semejeri is doing everything he can to preserve his culture in the face of social oppression and substance abuse. Along with a group of young Batwa, he founded the Batwa Music Club, a band that strives to reclaim its cultural heritage by performing traditional songs that speak out against the injustices the the tribe has suffered.

With Gad’s leadership, the group is rehearsing for its biggest gig to date, a concert in Kampala where they will take centre stage and make the plight of the Batwa known to the whole of Uganda.

In today's world ...

The young Batwa are threading together rapturous tales of traditional life and stories from Batwa elders. The Batwa Music Club struggles for survival on a daily basis and is still performing original music. Ipalaki is an inspiration and vibrant testament to the importance of indigenous knowledge in the globalized world.

"Ghosts of Our Forest" Directed by Daniel Roher
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