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Festival Recap: Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2017

I would like to say 'thank you' to all of the attendees, filmmakers and supporters of the very first Oregon Documentary Film Festival and write a brief festival recap. Fifteen short and feature length documentary films from all over the world were screened at this two-day event. With over two hundred and fifty total ticket purchases and attendees combined, the event was more successful than we ever dreamed, in our first year.

Veterans (Right), Clay Kempf (Right)

Festival Recap: The Awards

We kicked things off on Veterans Day, Friday November 10th, 2017 and screened 'Stu Steinberg,' a film about US Military Veterans with a call-to-action to offer better and more efficient medical support for those that have served in combat. Director Clay Kempf's film was voted "Best Feature Film" by the judges and Stu Steinberg himself was on hand for the screening with several veterans from the film.

Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2017Awards List:

  1. Best Feature Film "Stu Steinberg" Directed by Clay Kempf
  2. Best Oregon Film "Perception: Prison to Purpose" Directed by Jonathan Reed
  3. Best Directors (Feature Film): Lindsey Averill and Viridiana Lieberman
  4. Best Directors (Short Film): The Mustached American of the Year" Directed by Anna Yeager and Peter Subaiya
  5. Best Short Film: The Mustached American of the Year" Directed by Anna Yeager and Peter Subaiya
  6. Best Cinematography: "SOS: The Salton Sea Walk" Directed by Corbin Schweitzer
  7. Best Cinematography (Short Film): "Song in a Day" Directed by Kris Jones
  8. Best Editing: "Human Zoos Directed by John West
  9. Best Original Music: "Sisterly" Composer André Barros
  10. Most Inspirational Film: "Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery" Directed by David L. Brown

Jeffrey Janoff (Left), Will Cuddy (Left Middle), Mikel Fair (Right Middle), Jordan Smith (Right)

Tony Rivas (Left), Jonathan Reed (Middle), Will Cuddy (Right)

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